The Menu

Our music selections are 100% intolerance-free.
We ensure freshness among classics.

Soft Serve

Fresh Top 40 hits

Hard ice rock

Thick hard rock with the flavors that you like and know.


Our classic music which are the preferred treat of our listeners.  Watch for your calories!


The classic milkshake with delicious taste from the 60’s and 70’s with a cherry on top just for you!

Candies / Toppings

Want to try something new? (Re)Discover songs you forgot exist and enjoy our magical house toppings.


For those who(think) are picky, we have some cookies just for you! It’s always your turn!

Our Story

Our music selections are 100% lactose-free.
You won’t get sick with our music!

We started with homemade mixes. All that we wanted back then is to provide a different and good mixes of music instead of tuning to another station which most of us are intolerant. As ourselves intolerant and music lovers, it was hard to find a station that worried about the fact that about 65% of population in North America has a reduced ability to digest intolerant music . All of this keeping the same good taste of every station you might like, but enhanced. We never expected that people will love it this much. That encouraged us to start our own Radio Station called Coeur de Glace.

Thank you for your trust!


Location (Internet)

1111, Music Road


There is no lactose in any of our music selection.  Our music is intolerante-free!

Some products may be contains peanuts.   Leave a comment if you are allergic to any of our songs.

The ones that made artists and music what it is now; famous with a creamy taste!

Rock, Pop, Country, Blues or Hard Rock… the list goes on…………

We don’t for licensing(music rights) reasons!  However, you can suggest a song you would like to be added in our radio station list (make sure it’s intolerant-free).

Not at this moment!  Contact us using our online form if you want to offer us 20 millions us dollars (we might consider the offer).

No!  Coeur de Glace website is responsive and works everywhere (Windows, Android, iOS, Linux…)ice ambiance.